Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Not Juicing: Drinking Whole Foods

I don't drink much juice. I love smoothies but I try to use whole foods rather than juices in them. I think that juice is a somewhat less healthy way to consume fruits and vegetables. Juicing removes fiber and speeds up the digestion of sugar. I prefer to eat these foods whole.

This drink is quite like a juice, thin and juicy in consistency, but it contains whole wheatgrass and whole kale, rather than juices of these greens. It's very spicy, which I like because it is invigorating and because it covers the taste of spirulina, which I hate. Take out some of the ginger and chile if you want to tone it down.

Very very green whole juice:
1/2 cup wheatgrass
2-3 leaves kale
1 tbs spirulina
1 tbs hemp hearts
1 tbs ground flaxseed
Juice of one lemon
Thumb sized piece of ginger, no need to peel
Large pinch of chile flakes
Ice cubes

Blend everything but water for around five minutes, until well pulverized. Thin with water until the consistency is as you like. I add a cup or so of water.

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