Wednesday, May 29, 2013

roasted yam and goat cheese wraps

I didn't get absolutely everything I wanted in my new house, but I did get my gas range.
 I love it. 
First of all, I'm sorry for not posting anything in ages; I am in a bit of life chaos right now that is eating up all of my time and energy. I moved into a much smaller apartment and I am currently unpacking/panicking about having way way too much stuff and not knowing quite what to do with it.

In my moving and stress haze, I have been trying to eat things that are easy to make and at least sort of healthy, since my tendency during times like this is to eat as much pasta and bread as humanly possible and then I feel gross. I have been eating different versions of these wraps with yams and greens and cheese mostly everyday, sometimes more than once. They have lots of vegetables, so I feel a bit healthy, but creamy cheese and enough carbs to feel a little indulgent.

Also, I needed something I could eat with my hands because I couldn't find my forks.