Monday, September 24, 2012

A few things I love

I wanted to share some stuff that I really love right now with you guys, some of it fall-ish because it's fall now for real. Some of it not really fall-ish, but still great.

My new Tesla replica light bulbs. I bought them here. I wanted to bring some light to a dark corner of our living room. Instead I got some very pretty, rather dim, not very practical or bright lights. I like 'em pretty and dim I guess. They been mesmerizing everyone who walks by them.

The thickest, warmest tights. With a high cotton content, not wool it's too itchy. Cotton tights make wearing summery skirts and dresses possible in the fall and winter, for which I am very grateful. I highly recommend that locals (and tourists) head to Fan Tan Alley and pop into Heart's Content for warm tights. I recommend that everybody head to Fan Tan Alley even if they don't need new tights. It's awesome, just go.

Truffle oil. Truffles are one of these things that seem awfully snobby and intimidating and I have always been a bit afraid of them. I have been considering buying truffle oil or truffle salt for a while and having heard lots of opinions about what is and isn't worth buying. I was a little overwhelmed. The other day I just bought one that liked the look of. My roommate L came home with another bottle of truffle oil the next day. We are replete with the stuff now. It is topping popcorn, potato gratins and pasta in our home. The oil is expensive but I feel it's worth it. Use sparingly.

This book I found for my friend D. He is a Tintin fan and I saw it and thought he would love it and he did. If you have one of those Tintin lovers hanging around you might want to pick up a copy. It's pretty great.

Bulbs. I bought white tulips, white daffodils and white crocuses. All white. I love the way bulbs just hang around all winter, waiting for spring, waiting until I forgot I ever planted them and then they surprise me. Same goes for garlic. I am planting lots and lots of garlic, it just waits patiently, through the cold and wet. Very reassuring.

The brussels sprouts at Stage. Obviously everything on the menu here is great, but these sprouts are exquisite. If you are nearby you owe it to yourself to eat some.

Berets. Little known fact: berets are a habit forming substance. Charcoal, red, navy, camel, mint, black really can't stop at just one.

Friday, September 21, 2012

A birthday cake for miss C

This weekend we had a birthday party for my friend C at my house. The party had a quite morbid  theme, it was a memento mori party-a death party. I realize that's not the sort of theme that everybody wants for a birthday party, but if you have a particular macabre bent it's lots of fun.

I have made a few cakes from the Baked cookbook. Every single one of them has come out lovely. I wouldn't recommend a book I didn't really use or love and I can't recommend this book enough. The cakes are perfect templates for endless variations. Sometimes I use Deb's swiss buttercream instead of their frosting because it is so rich and buttery and not too sweet so that flavours other than sugar can really shine. For C's cake, I used the milk chocolate frosting, which whips up so light and fluffy and somehow so rich. It is not a recipe for anyone timid around butter or chocolate. Be bold and fearless.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Not Juicing: Drinking Whole Foods

I don't drink much juice. I love smoothies but I try to use whole foods rather than juices in them. I think that juice is a somewhat less healthy way to consume fruits and vegetables. Juicing removes fiber and speeds up the digestion of sugar. I prefer to eat these foods whole.

This drink is quite like a juice, thin and juicy in consistency, but it contains whole wheatgrass and whole kale, rather than juices of these greens. It's very spicy, which I like because it is invigorating and because it covers the taste of spirulina, which I hate. Take out some of the ginger and chile if you want to tone it down.

Very very green whole juice:
1/2 cup wheatgrass
2-3 leaves kale
1 tbs spirulina
1 tbs hemp hearts
1 tbs ground flaxseed
Juice of one lemon
Thumb sized piece of ginger, no need to peel
Large pinch of chile flakes
Ice cubes

Blend everything but water for around five minutes, until well pulverized. Thin with water until the consistency is as you like. I add a cup or so of water.