Thursday, March 13, 2014

winter-spring things

It is almost the end of winter! In Victoria, the last few days' beautiful sunny crisp weather have made me feel like it is spring already. I wanted to share a few things I have been eating, reading, buying,  and anticipating lately:

  • I love Ranunculus; they are so delicate and fluttery. They are also only available for a short while and it starts and the end of winter. They remind me that spring is on the way! These orange and white ones are from Rook & Rose, my favorite little flower shop in town. 

Just two cookies. Photo from Melissa at No. 2 Pencil

  • This recipe for making just two cookies. It makes two huge, chewy cookies. I have been using this a lot lately; I sometimes really need a warm soft cookie with melty chocolate and don't necessarily want a whole batch of them around. These are easy enough to make after dinner for a somewhat portion controlled nighttime snack.

  • This article about the dark and sometimes criminal truffle trade. I'm always interested in food production systems, but truffles have a particularly wild history. This Atlantic article reveals the deception, theft and murder within the truffle markets.  

Caramelized white chocolate. Photo from James Ransom at Food 52

  • I keep seeing caramelized white chocolate everywhere. I saw it here and here and I made and used it here. If you find white chocolate a little too sweet sometimes, try caramelizing it. The flavour is deep and complex and toasty.

  • I am so excited for The Grand Budapest Hotel. From what I have seen in the previews it looks so on point for Wes Anderson: funny, dark and very pretty. It hasn't started playing in Victoria so I'm counting down the days. 

Photo from terrain
  • I want to string up these pretty lights in every room in my house and bask in glowy, soft, christmas-tree-light type lighting all year. 

Photo credit (flowers): Tyrel Hiebert


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  2. Hi Stephanie,
    happy to discover that another girl at PCIC has a cooking blog, I love it, great ideas and photos ! Mine is really new and french aha
    excited to see next recipes here !

    cheers Camille -

  3. Thanks Camille! I like to make lots of french pastries, so I will have to keep my eye on your blog to get some ideas!