Friday, January 31, 2014

quick little trick: buttering pans

I am really lazy about buttering pans and lining things with parchment and generally prepping for baking. Sometimes I just don't bother; I bake cakes in springform pans and I just cut them free rather than actually buttering the sides and cutting out parchment circles for the bottoms.

The other day I was baking some financiers in little tins that definitely need to be buttered properly or the cakes will get stuck and you will end up ripping them apart trying to pry them free. I was going to melt the butter to coat the pans and brush it on, but that just seemed like a bunch of extra steps and dishes to wash (lazy). So I tried just brushing softened butter onto the pans with a fairly stiff pastry brush. It was quick and easy and it got into little nooks and corners. I was really impressed with myself for thinking of this. A quick look online showed me that lots other people discovered this before I did. I am perhaps not quite the avant-garde tin-buttering innovator I briefly imagined myself to be. I am still excited about how easy and effective is was and I think it will lead me to butter pans properly more often. You should try it! If you want to. 

Photo credit: Tyrel Hiebert

Sunday, January 12, 2014

leek and goat cheese tortilla

Tortilla de patatas, is not like a corn or flour tortilla; it is a Spanish potato omelette. It is a common tapas dish and it is really versatile. Sometimes I eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I'm feeling especially lazy. It is an fairly neutral canvass for any sauce you might desire and it'a perfect with a little green salad.

Monday, January 6, 2014

galette des rois + mini palmiers

First of all, a slightly belated happy new years to you all! I hope you had wonderful, safe, happy winter holidays. I spent the last few weeks mostly eating; I am pretty close to my upper limit for sweets but I managed to make room for one extra pastry post-Christmas. If you aren't totally burnt out from eating holiday treats, you might want to try a galette des rois, or a king cake.